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South Carolina Ghosts

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South Carolina Ghosts

St. Philip's Graveyard Picture

The Land's End Light

The Swamp Girl

Alice of the Hermitage

Theodosia Burr

The Grey Man

The Ghost Of The Crab Boy

I took most of the following stories from another site called The Shadowlands. Great site! Click the link below to see the full text. I have not researched all of these places yet, don't hold me accountable for any alterations to the stories. Also please note that this page has not been proof read due to my extreme laziness.

Anderson - crybaby bridge - Reports of an apparition of a woman wearing a white old timing gown dress.

Beaufort - Joseph Johnson House - The Castle - Legend states that the explorer Jean Ribaut brought with him a jester, a dwarf named Gauche. He's been sighted walking on the shadowy grounds of the house, and some say they've seen him inside while touring the historic home.

Beaufort - Lands End Light

Charleston - The Battery Carriage Inn -The Gentleman ghost that haunts this Inn has been described as a handsome, but wispy apparition. He is said to demonstrate a fondness for women by lying down in bed next to female guests. When the women scream, he politely gets up and exits through the wall.

Charleston - The Dockstreet Theatre - best known as the most haunted place in Charleston. It is haunted by two ghosts the nameless ghost was supposed to have been a prostitute. The other ghost (That has a name) is supposed to be the father of John Wilkes Booth, the man that shot Pres. Lincoln

Charleston - Harley Shop - Meeting Street -It is said to be haunted by two ghost. One good and one evil. Things are often moved and a strong sweet smell is smelled sometimes in certain places by certain people.

Charleston - Poogans Porch Restaurant - Guests of the hotel across the street at the hotel have called the police numerous times claiming to see an old woman in the 2nd floor window at night when the place is closed waving at them. Restaurant staff is familiar with her too. There is another ghost that haunts this restaurant, one that is much friendlier than the other ghost, Zoe. There is a little West Highland White Terrier, named Poogin, who haunts the front of the porch. People will feel something brush up against their leg, or hear little footsteps. He has been seen a couple of times, and causes no trouble or harm.

Charleston - St. Philips Graveyard - The ghost of Sue Howard who's baby died still haunts the place, and is said to frequently attack women who are pregnant or have had miscarriages. There is also proof of her existence by a photograph taken by a photographer in the 80's doing a piece on Charleston's graveyards.

Edisto Island - Presbyterian Church - A little girl got really sick and fell into a coma. She was pronounced dead and buried in a family mausoleum. Later when another family member died, they opened the tomb to find the little girl's skeleton at the door and her coffin open. Since then her ghost has not allowed the door to close on the mausoleum. Various ways of closing have been tried, none work. The last effort was to chain the door closed with huge chains and a huge lock. To this day the door remains open.

Moncks Corner - Strawberry Chapel - It is said to be haunted by a young girl who was chained to a tombstone there by her father.

Mount Pleasant - Easter Sunday Church - The story goes like this: Back during the Civil War the locals would attend Church every Sunday of course. This Church was a place that was going to be targeted for "destruction". With people attending inside the Yankees had surrounded the Church and open fired, murdering all who were inside. Years and decades later some of the locals would try and paint or wallpaper over the said blood stains and within a day the paint or wallpaper would have the blood stains seep back out.

Parkers Ferry - Parker's Ferry Road - a ghost light is said to be here near Hopewell Baptist church.

Parris island - Marine Corps Recruit Depot - Old Barracks (Rifle Range) - There have been many murders and suicides by recruits on the rifle range. This area is also swampland and there was a partial platoon that got stranded and drowned in the quicksand on the banks of the swampland�after they were forced marched into it by a Drill Instructor. I believe this accounts for the constant manifestations in the old barracks (Recruit Living quarters) there have been several Ghost sightings, moaning sounds, and bathroom stall doors flying open or slamming close and faucets that turn on and toilets that flush by themselves. This is something that is common knowledge to most Parris Island Marines but is not widely known to the public.

Pawley's Island - The gray man who comes to warn residents of an impending disaster such as a hurricane. If you see him, your residence will be spared!

Pawley's Island - All Saints Episcopal Church - Alice of the Hermitage is said to have been seen haunting her gravesite. It is about 10 miles south of her home, just off Hwy 17.

Sheldon - Old Sheldon Church - There was a woman seen dressed in a simple brown dress dated in the Pilgrim era. She stands near a grave of an infant who died. A feeling of sorrow over comes some people.

Smoaks - Train Tussle - Reports of seeing & Hearing a spectral train.

Summerville - Parks Cemetery - Near the back of the cemetery in an almost unmarked grave we heard crying, like a child. Followed it to a grave almost unmarked only the name Jessie Blue Hyatt is there and the year 2002. Witnesses visiting took a flower and the crying stopped. Another witness visited and heard again the crying she gave a windmillish sort of angel, and the crying stopped. Everytime someone has gone they too has heard the crying ... and found the same unmarked grave ... it has been reported that there has been a smell of smoke. And hard to breath. All that visit return and are drawn to place things so that the child is not forgotten.

Summerville - Summerville light - The Story goes that a woman had a husband that was a conductor for a railroad company in Summerville...and he worked nights. At midnight every night, people could always see her there, waiting by the tracks with his lunch and a lantern...waiting for him to stop to eat. One night, he never showed. She was told that the train had derailed or crashed, and he was beheaded and, of course, killed. Although they buried his remains, she would never accept the fact that he was gone, and so, she went to the tracks at midnight with her lantern and walked up and down, waiting for him. People of course began to think she was crazy, but she continued this nightly ritual until her own death. Mysteriously, the light never stopped coming. This is what my mother told me happens at her visit to THE SUMMERVILLE LIGHT: When you go to the tracks, just before midnight, you can hear all the sounds that are usually heard at night, crickets chirping, frogs croaking...the breeze blowing.... but for some odd reason, and this has been the case for every person who has seen THE midnight, the sounds suddenly just cease. As if a presence has quieted them momentarily. Then you can see it, usually its far off, a light and nothing else...coming your way. If you stick around, THE LIGHT will chase you. Scared visitors tried to jump in their car and leave and the light came upon them swiftly, and they heard a BUMP on their car, as they sped away. When at a safe distance from the sighting, they got out and looked, and there was a dent on the car, where the lantern hit it. Others have had their car stall and even a report of having strange burn mark on their hood.

The Shadowlands