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Here is a story submitted by a friend of mine about Old Sheldon Church.

The first time and only real time I had went with my roommate (Chris) and another guy we hung out with at the time (Keith) to the old Sheldon Church was a real cool and freaky time. The time I went before with just my roommate, we sat across the yard looking into the church yard and saw lights coming from all around inside the yard. We thought it was weird ghostly things happening but come to see that eventually noticing it was flashlights. We guessed some other people got their before we did so we just left. Now onto the real adventure. The night we went, we all got out first and walked over into the church yard. Being that it was around 1 or 2am, it was kinda freaky. I noticed alot of tombstones off side of the church and behind it, so I went to check them out. I don't remember what Keith and Chris were doing but I remember finding a tombstone with the death date as my birthday, only being that the year was like in the 1920's I think. The next thing I remember is us leaving the church yard and going back over to the field which we parked in across from the church. We sat around the truck for awhile and talked some and I'm the one that first noticed that I felt a breeze go across my face and remembering it felt good, cuz it was kinda humid that night. Then I looked up at the trees and didn't see them moving or swaying with the wind, at all. I pointed it out to the guys and they felt the breeze too but also saw that the trees weren't swaying. So then we decided to go back over to the church. The same thing pretty much happened where we just walked around for awhile and didn't see or hear much until I remember me and Keith sat down on a bench and we both heard a sound that kinda sounded like an owl, but we knew it didnt sound exactly like one. So then we decided to go back outside the church again and got back in the truck and just sat there for awhile. This is where it gets freaky weird. We all three saw numerous red eyes appear in the bushes that were in front of the church yard. Then I looked towards the church building and I noticed through the pillars (This is kinda hard to explain.) I saw a figure moving back and forth. There was a full moon and it was shining on the church well enough to have noticed light through the pillars and that's how i thought i saw a tall, probly bout 8' something figure moving back and forth in the church. That's when we all kinda were thinking bout leaving, until Chris wanted to go back in, and me and Keith stayed in the truck. So Chris got out and left and went back into the church yard, then we decided to go head and go too, so we got out and stopped in the road for a few seconds. Right then, we heard a loud crashing like sound, as if it was a giant thick tree limb falling from a tall tree. We got real freaked out, so we ran into the church yard to find Chris and we found him not very far from the entrance and was like "what the heck was that?!" and he claimed (I positively know he wasnt lying) that he heard nothing and had no idea what we were talking about. So we kinda disregarded it but knew what we heard. We started to yet again just walk around the church yard and through the church ruins as well like before. The last and foremost freaky thing to happen was hearing the scream. I was in the middle of the church structure, Chris was like a few feet from me and Keith was near the altar and I remember i was in the middle of a sentence, until all of us heard a scream. It sounded really low sounding, as if it was real far away, yet we heard it clear as day as if who or whatever it was was like in the same yard we were in. That's when we looked at each other, making sure we all heard it, and all decided to go ahead and leave for sure. So we left the church yard, got in the truck, and was gone. I haven't gone back since, not to say i'm scared of the place or anything, because i'd like to go back sometime. I will say that non-human phenomena occured that night, and from other stories i've heard from other people through time about the old Sheldon Church, it for sure has ghosts. Thanks for reading!

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Here is a story submitted by Becky from Bonneau,SC.

07/30/05 My friends and I "took a ride down to the the
so called "haunted" Strawberry Chapel. We've heard myths about stopping on the RR tracks and turning your car off and sitting there and your car is supposed to move. Well thats what we did except something different happened. About 4 guys were in the back of the truck and three of us
including me were sitting inside the truck. Two of the guys got out the back of the truck and where touching the RR sign, all of a sudden we saw a white light flicker one time down the RR tracks and then we saw something going across the tracks so we left the RR tracks and kept on driving to the church to walk around. On our way back we parked the car again on the tracks and sat there nothing happened, so we get out and touch the RR track sign and we see something white getting closer and closer to us so we all got in the truck and left terrified of what we saw."