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All of the terms so far on this page were taken from the SCIFI.COM Ghost Hunters website. What better place to look....

Electromagnetic Field (EMF)A force given off by electric charges, found in anything that uses electricity. The higher the spikes in the electromagnetic field are, the more potential there is for paranormal activity.

Entity A disembodied "consciousness" commonly referred to as a ghost, spirit or (if of an apparently malicious or resentful nature) demon.

EVP Electronic Voice Phenomena: disembodied "voices" and sounds imprinted on audio recording devices.

Exorcism Ceremonial expulsion of invading spiritual/demonic entities from a person or dwelling.

Floating Orb —  Spherical image, usually translucent white though sometimes of a reddish or bluish hue, which inexplicably registers on film and videotape.

GhostImage of a person witnessed after his/her death, reflecting the appearance of the living, physical body yet less substantial. These forms often seem to exist in a dreamlike state of semi-awareness, and are sometimes cognizant of their human observers.

Haunting Manifestation of a ghostly presence, attached to a specific locale.

Intelligent HauntingA haunting that knows you're there and interacts with you.

MaterializationWhen a ghost appears; can be sudden or gradual, indistinct or seemingly quite solid.

Residual HauntingPsychic imprint of a scene that is repeatedly played out, and in which the witness of the phenomenon essentially is peering into the past. The ghostly participants of these time-displacements often seem unaware of their living observers

VortexA gateway that opens from the spirit world, like a rip in our dimension, and lets entities from the other side enter our world.